Title: Headgear
Medium: Mixed Media
Year: 2013

This series of three paintings was painted by Megan for her 'O' Level Art exam. The given topic was 'Headgear'. Megan decided to interpret the topic as hair, memories, and the stages of life in a surrealistic manner, with 'mini Megans' playing and interacting with the hair and the objects. The objects caught in the hair represent Megan's memories.

The first painting, entitled 'Childhood', features memories of Megan's childhood; of sweets, crayons, toys and cute objects. The bright yellow background represents the cheerfulness and energy of children, toys to represent the playfulness of childhood, coupled with raining candies and colourful gumballs in the background to represent the sweetness of childhood.

The second painting, entitled 'Teenhood', represents Megan's life as a teenager, with various hobbies, interests and electronic gadgets that she owns. The fresh green background, tall growing grass and falling leaves represent the freshness, abundance and potential of youth.

The third painting, entitled 'Adulthood', expresses Megan living as a fine grown woman; of luxuries, fashion, beauty, professions and adventure. The pale blue background of the sky and the high, soaring mountains represent Megan's ability to reach great heights, and her freedom and authority to go on an adventure travelling around the world.