Title: Don't Drive to Drink
Client: Singapore Police Force

Year: 2016

This work was created for Megan's Video for Advertising module. The assignment required students to find an existing video advertisement and to propose a better rendition for the same objective. The chosen video advertisement was Singapore Police Force's current 'Don't Drive to Drink' TVC, which involved a man searching frantically around his house for his car keys, only to leave in a taxi in the end, and it is revealed that his dog has been hiding his keys.

As Megan and her partner felt that the TVC was 'too boring' and not very effective, they discussed on how the current TVC may be improved. In the end, they decided on the idea of having a man drive to a bar in his car, and having the Grim Reaper enter the car while the man drinks, followed by the copy, 'Death Await Those Who Drive to Drink'. The desired message to be communicated is 'Don't Drink to Drink'.

This storyboard was entirely created by Megan herself.