Game Design


Title: Depression
Build in: RPG Maker VX Ace

Year: 2014~

This game tells of the story of a girl and her depressing life, which Megan first started creating in 2014, before she entered polytechnic. Heavily inspired by the creator's own life, this is an autobiographical game where the main character, nameable by the player, encounters hardships and sufferings at the hands of the people around her, including an emotionally abusive mother, and faces problems such as being left out in groups, being forced to contend with emotional and interpersonal issues, being betrayed, and so on.

This game features 4 different endings depending on the main character's stats by the end of the game, followed by a true ending that is unlocked once the player has seen all of the endings.

This game is still under construction as Megan only spends time working on this game during her holidays and in her free time.