Project Title: Naiiser Than You Think
Client: Naiise
Year: 2016

The campaign was created for the Brand Design Studio module in collaboration with a live client, Naiise. The issue that Naiise had been facing at that point was that their Westgate outlet had not been receiving much traffic, and they require a rebranding campaign to attract more shoppers to enter the store. In a team of four, Megan and her teammates made observations at the site and felt that the Naiise outlet looked too intimidating and 'out of one's league' as it was surrounded by luxury stores selling expensive and branded items. Thus, they decided to name their campaign, 'Naiiser Than You Think'.

Megan's part in this series of three print ads was to draw the illustrations while her teammates worked on the layout design and the writing of the copy.

Megan also single-handedly created the case film by herself with her own hand-drawn illustrations.